Who can be included in the directory?

Recovery Warriors’ professional Treatment Directory brings together a number of individual eating disorders treatment professionals and organizational groups from counselors and therapists to treatment facilities. It is impractical to draw a clear line determining who may or may not be included because of the considerable variance in US state and (international) licensing laws.

With this in mind, Recovery Warriors operates under an ‘inclusive’ approach, guided by three common sense principals which are:

  1. That the professional or organization provides legitimate mental health services to treat eating disorders to the public.
  2. That the information presented to the public regarding licensing and qualification is transparent, truthful and not intended to misrepresent.
  3. That the inclusion of one individual professional, group practice or treatment facility, does not impair the reputation of another. 

I think someone is listed who shouldn’t be

If you believe a professional or organization has been included in the Treatment Directory who should not be, or if you find any of the information in the Treatment Director to be inaccurate or misleading, especially in a way which may cause harm to consumers, please tell us by emailing: [email protected]

If you can’t find the answer to your question let us know by emailing us at
[email protected]