I just created a ConnectED profile. When will my account be visible to future clients?

We verify all accounts within 24 hours, except on the weekend. You’ll receive an email when the profile goes live. In the meantime, you can access or update your profile information. If we have any problems that prevent us from activating or verifying your account we’ll send you an e-mail letting you know what we need for activation purposes. The most common delays are due to inaccurate credit card or license information.

Has my coupon/promotion code been accepted?

If you used a valid coupon code during the sign up process, the discount will apply when you checkout.

If you think you might have entered the wrong promotion code or if you have other concerns and/or questions about this please email [email protected] for verification.

Promotion offers are offered exclusively to first time members of the directory. If you’ve been a member before, the offer rate won’t apply to you.

How do I write a winning company description?

When writing your profile description, think about who you’re talking to. Picture a real person or previous client who’s searching to get help. (e.g. Customer Focus: Adults, Adolescents, Children, Teens, Specific Gender). Potential clients want a friendly tone and content that specifically addresses what they are personally experiencing and looking for in treatment.

It’s important to write in a way that makes potential clients feel safe, trusted, confident and comfortable enough to approach you and take the next step. Some general tips:

  • Address potential clients directly. e.g. “Are you stuck in the world of your eating disorder, obsessed about your weight, calorie-intake and exercise regime?” rather than indirectly: e.g. “Our treatment center offers a comprehensive approach that differs from conventional programs”.
  • Identify a specialty such as your treatment approach, types of treatment or anything that makes you unique. Don’t only focus on potential clients. Your specialty also differentiates you from your peers and this is an opportunity to make people remember and refer you to other people.
  • Keep to a minimum the discussion about you. So don’t repeat your license or training information when it’s already disclosed in the details of your profile.
  • Try and keep your statement to 80 percent about your ideal client and 20 percent about you.
  • Write naturally and avoid overly technical terms.

Good Luck!

Can sharing my URL improve my search rank?

Yes, we highly recommend sharing your profile page as it will help search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo know that your profile exists and is liked by others. An easy and effective manner is to share your profile page on Facebook and Twitter.

How do I get the most visitors/potential clients to my profile?

– Have you entered your name, address and profile clearly without misspellings or inconsistencies?
– Have you uploaded a nice professional profile photo so that potential clients get a good impression of who you and your facility/practice/group are?
– In case you’ve entered your fees/rates, make sure they’re accurate and competitively relative to (local) competitors.

If you can’t find the answer to your question let us know by emailing us at

[email protected]